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Criminal Defense

Legal Representation in State and Federal Criminal Defense

The Roark Law Firm engages much of its practice in the field of criminal defense, representing clients in both state and federal courts in and around Hailey, Idaho. Our firm has a reputation for excellence in this field; we are highly-respected for our courtroom skills and extensive jury trial experience. Being involved in a criminal case can be a life-altering experience, with the potential for lengthy incarceration, heavy fines, and other court penalties. Your life can be seriously disrupted, placing you and your family under enormous stress, worry, and hardship. Beyond this, if convicted, you will face the future with a permanent criminal record, which can hamper educational and career opportunities.

Facing all this, you should seek the most effective legal help you can find so that you have the best chance for a favorable outcome. A Hailey criminal defense attorney at the firm can provide diligent and dedicated legal service, protecting your rights, ensuring that you are treated fairly, and taking every legal measure to help even the playing field throughout the entire criminal process.

To find out more about the types of criminal cases our firm represents, please check out the following practice areas. Click on the highlighted phrases to be directed to further pages about each topic.

Drug Crimes
Drug crimes may be state or federal charges involving the possession, sale, distribution, manufacture, cultivation, or trafficking of controlled substances and narcotics. These include marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin, methamphetamines, steroids, and other illegal drugs, including the unauthorized use or distribution of prescription medicines.

Federal Crimes
Federal crimes are often more serious than crimes charged in state court. The federal government generally has more resources, including better trained and paid investigators from agencies like the FBI, DEA, AT&F and Homeland Security. Federal prosecutors are generally better paid, better trained and more aggressive than their state counterparts. If you are being investigated by a federal agency or are charged with a federal crime you cannot afford to be represented by an attorney who is not deeply experience in federal criminal procedure. Our attorneys know their way around state and federal courts and will defend you aggressively.

Probation Violations
If you have been convicted of a crime and placed on probation, you are generally subject to terms and conditions of release imposed by the court. When these terms are violated, you may be required to appear before a judge concerning the violation. Depending on the nature of your violation, your probation may be extended or you may be required to serve time in jail or prison. A skilled criminal defense attorney can defend you in such cases.

Sex Crimes
Sex crimes are among the most serious of criminal offenses. These types of carry a social stigma, and may lead to required sex offender status and registration upon a conviction. Because of the prejudicial nature of sex crime allegations, it is imperative that you seek strong legal representation. No law firm in Southern Idaho has more experience with sex crime case than we do.

Theft Crimes
Theft crimes can range from minor shoplifting charges to burglary, carjacking, and armed robbery. They can also include white collar crimes, such as passing bad checks, forgery, and identity theft. These crimes are often punished with jail or prison sentences, heavy fines, restitution to victims, and more.

Violent Crimes
Violent crimes include any criminal offense which involves the use of force or threat of force against victims. These include assault and battery, domestic violence, kidnapping, arson, weapons charges, manslaughter, and murder. Violent crimes are heavily punished by the criminal court system, which means you will need a thorough and skilled defense.

Our firm represents clients in all types of misdemeanor and felony cases at both the state and federal levels. We have tried to verdict numerous cases involving violent crime charges, including death penalty murder cases. Find out more about how we can assist you by contacting the firm to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer today.