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Prominent Twins Falls Law Firm Resolves Sensitive Family Issues

Sympathetic counsel for divorce, child custody, child support, and juvenile delinquency matters in Idaho

Family law issues are emotionally devastating. However, with the right lawyer on your side, even the toughest domestic challenges can be resolved effectively and efficiently. At the Roark Law Firm, we are known for delivering trustworthy counsel to Idaho families in divorce, child custody, child support and other legal matters. Our attorneys draw upon 75 years of combined experience to work closely with you and your family to determine the most beneficial means of settling your case. Whether you need help finalizing your divorce or defending your child against criminal charges, you can count on our respected legal team to provide you with exceptional representation.

Idaho attorneys guide you through divorce

The residency requirement for spouses seeking the dissolution of their marriage in Idaho is six weeks. Idaho grants no-fault divorce, so the petitioner need only plead that there are irreconcilable differences, but parties may also allege fault grounds such as adultery, cruelty, and abandonment.

If you and your spouse agree on issues such as alimony (also known as maintenance in Idaho), child custody, and child support, our firm can assist you in drafting a comprehensive divorce agreement to be presented to the judge for approval. However, if you are unable to agree on these issues, we are seasoned litigators and are prepared to affirm your rights and protect your assets in court. Because Idaho is a community property state, all the assets and debts acquired during the marriage must be divided equally.

Skilled advocates handle child custody, visitation, and child support

Although we are known as worthy adversaries in the courtroom, we also have a reputation for providing compassionate counsel on the following delicate family law issues:

  • Child custody — The Idaho courts, like the courts of all states, base child custody determinations on what they deem to be in the best interests of the child. They seek an arrangement that allows children frequent and ongoing contact with both parents unless that would involve harm in any way. Depending on the circumstances of your case, this may mean granting legal and physical custody to you or your spouse, or awarding joint legal and physical custody.
  • Visitation — The court will try to involve both parents in a child’s life whenever possible. This means that the noncustodial parent, unless deemed unfit, will be granted visitation rights. Our firm can assist you in drafting a visitation schedule that protects your parental rights and supports your child’s welfare.
  • Child support — In most situations, the custodial parent is entitled to child support payments from the noncustodial parent until the child turns 18. In addition to helping you calculate monthly payments, our attorneys can assist you in enforcing a child support order. If your financial situation or your spouse’s changes substantially, we can guide you through the steps of requesting a modification of your child support order.

The ending of any marriage is difficult, and when children are involved, it becomes even more so. We empathize deeply with your situation and aim to ease your stress by providing you with knowledgeable advice at every stage of your case.

Established firm represents your child in juvenile delinquency proceedings

When your minor son or daughter is accused of a crime in Idaho, you need an experienced lawyer who understands the juvenile justice system. Our firm has been fighting for the rights of young defendants for more than 30 years. And because each member of our highly qualified legal team is a former prosecutor, we understand the seriousness of your child’s case and are committed to protecting their rights and future.

Contact experienced Idaho family law attorneys in Twin Falls

The Roark Law Firm is dedicated to helping your family resolve difficult domestic issues such as divorce, child custody and support, and juvenile delinquency. Please call 208-358-9722 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Hailey office.